Welcome to The Party - just don't open the pantry

The start of a website that shouldn’t have to exist and hopefully won’t for long
by Mike Firpo   |   Friday, December 09, 2011

Welcome to Soccer Newsday

Ever go to someone’s house for a party or function and upon entering you see sweat beading down the heads of the hosts, everything looks a bit “too” clean, the air ominously filled with cleaning products and way too many fruit-scented candles are lit throughout?


OK, well at my house when we have company – we do our best cleaning before everyone shows up (sorry cat’s outta the bag Mrs. Firpo!). Right before they arrive, about 30 minutes after we abuse ourselves for setting such an early start time, we work at a feverish pace to ensure all is right in Casa de F.

Occasionally, or more, we mistime the implementation of the operations phase of the soirée. Which means, we have to start cutting corners to save time before our guests arrive. That leads to odd things ending up in places they shouldn’t be. Today’s mail can end up in a far-flung drawer. Kid toys: fix the knob on this coat closet imprisoned Handy Manny! Soon to be re-gifted gifts: in a chest of some sort. And if all else fails … to The Pantry you go passé knickknacks!

I’ve been around for a few website launchings in my career, which has spanned the emergence of the internet and luckily soccer's emergence in the USA and other similar nations. So I am supposed to know how this goes and coordinate, plan and manage everything appropriately. For the most part it goes well, but someeeee timessss when they’re about to go “live” things can happen, ideas change, plans bend and plots don’t go as scripted (see MLSsoccer.com circa 2010). So you just have to accept some outcomes, move on and even put things in the pantry to make sure the setting is right for all invited.

With that long-winded analogy and awkwardly long overdue intro  …

Welcome to SoccerNewsday.com!

Our goal is pretty simple, to fill a gap on the internet where fans from the emerging soccer nations of USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can find their daily soccer news, websites, writers, blogs and podcasters and jump to those sites from here. A gateway for all the soccer info you could ever want. All of it coming to you fairly quickly so you can check in with us in the morning, lunch or nite to catch-up on all the soccer coming and goings. Sprinkle that in with some neat new things we have coming up (ie: removing from said pantry) and sprinkling that in with some of our own columnists writing about our domestic and global soccer scenes.

Please be kind, most of us (just me) are new to writing. I for one am rubbish (thank you Fox Soccer Channel for adding rubbish to my NYC vernacular. It has no geo-logical business there, same with pitch and kit … argh!) so don’t read my nonsense, but try to read the other interesting writers we have on-board – they’d be worth precious bits of your lunchtime at a minimum, I promise. Over time we’ll add other talented writers to the staff and keep evolving until time overtakes us, but right now it is clear this is needed. <segway>

The gap in coverage of our mainstream media is evident as other sports dominate our domestic news, sports shows, papers and even websites. So, we’ll remedy that for the time-being and be here to connect you with all of the stories, info and opinions you could ever want. Maybe too much (thankfully the Search feature barely escaped the pantry treatment). Bringing you the stories from sites and writers you already know, but maybe alerting you to their stories in near real-time publication and broadening your reading by introducing you to new soccer media outlets, bloggers, podcasters, websites and sources in your nation and worldwide.

This may sound odd, but I hope we aren’t around too long. For that would mean mainstream sports coverage has stopped treating football (damn you FSC!) in our four nations like the red-headed stepchild of our respective domestic sports scenes. I don’t want to point fingers (URLs are fine) to members of the old media scene that need to change or go extinct, BUT while doing research for Soccer Newsday I noticed a major American city’s major (read only remaining) local newspaper – doesn’t even list soccer in its list of sports. Not even under the very sad blanket area for misfit sports: “Other Sports”. Not even other sports. Not even behind recreational activities, cheerleading, highschool sport. Nada, nothing, zilch - for Soccer - the world’s biggest sport. Sadly, this ignominy is common and has been going on for most of the lives of all reading this.

Though soccer is not the #1 sport in most cities in our four nations, heck it may not even be #1 in Seattle, the MLS and A-League are rising and their clubs are present and are mostly here to stay - sorry North Queensland, Auckland & Florida. Not to include soccer coverage daily in mainstream media, is not even a slap in the face, you’d have to recognize the face to slap it. They don’t. They simply ignore the world's sport, even the part of it on their doorsteps and within earshot of their decaying ivory towers. This is absurd obviously, soooo that’s where we come in.

With that gloomy feeling of sporting oppression and likely rant you’ve heard before squarely behind us: we plan on Soccer Newsday adding a few interweb candles to the light of the onrushing soccer train pulling into the Old Sports Media station. When it comes down to it we are not here to convince them, we are here for you: the lovers of the world’s game. We are here for fans that more than anything else make this game the world’s best – we are here for supporters groups who bleed for club and country – we are here to spotlight a few headlines on people causing our sport harm (enjoy retirement Mr. Warner) – we are here to keep administrators honest and to force them to treat our clubs as heritage of community not franchises of commerce - we are here to protect our game in some small way from those who take advantage at our expense and who ignore fan-power to their peril – we are here to inform the fans on everything that is going on good-and-bad and to give them a little more knowledge/voice/power so we can keep our game corporate-friendly but always fan-centric - we are here to show the mainstream media in the last few non-soccer nations that if they can’t help us than we’ll just do it without them until they board our eventually crowded train.

Soccer Newsday hopefully evolves into something special and fills a gap, but if things change and all goes well we shouldn’t be around for that long.

In the meantime though, please don’t open the pantry, but by all means enjoy the party while it lasts, because it’s for you.


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