Q&A: Getting to Know SKC’s New Signing Victor Munoz

Former Real Madrid academy member joins Sporting KC
by Skylar Rolstad   |   Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Two weeks ago Sporting Kansas City announced the signing of Spanish midfielder and UCLA product Victor Munoz.

Munoz, a Madrid native, spent his youth in Real Madrid’s youth system, but decided upon becoming an adult to attend college at UCLA instead of continuing with Real Madrid.  After graduating from UCLA and playing there for 4 years, Muñoz entered the SuperDraft and was chosen by DC United. He spent 1 season with DCU but never made an appearance. After being released by DC, Muñoz begins again in MLS with SKC.

I asked him a few questions about joining the team in Kansas City with a system very familiar with what he experienced at Real Madrid.

Were you surprised about anything about Kansas City since joining the team?

Victor Munoz (VM): I was here in the summer for like 9 days so I knew the environment and I loved it so when I came here all the more experienced guys welcomed me and I love it here. In the very little time I have been here I’ve adapted very well and I like it a lot here.

While training with Sporting have you found anything similar to your time at Real Madrid?

VM: Yes, the way they understand soccer here in Kansas is very similar to the way we do in Spain. We try to control the game, try to keep the ball away, move the other team and find spaces. I like it here a lot. It’s easier for me to play in this kind of team than a team that's more direct. It's easier for me to play with these guys.

How did Peter Vermes reach out to you to train with the team? What was the process like after you left DC United?

VM: I was training there in DC and I didn’t like it that much because it was very direct. Since they have a difficult situation right now they don’t rely that much on younger guys and they didn’t give us many chances to play. Kansas offered for me to come here and as soon as I heard that I said "Let’s go, like, tomorrow morning."

Was making the decision to pursue your education a difficult one?

VM: It was very hard, I’m not going to lie. It took me a long time because [playing in Madrid] is a very easy life, and you have your family, friends, and the city where you were born. [Real Madrid] offer you three more years at good money for the age. It’s hard, the decision to go to college. Since my brother played professionally as well I have seen a lot of players who are really good when they are young but they have a really bad injury or 2 or 3 bad years and they don’t make it even though they were amazing when they were young, so I didn’t want to be one of those cases. My family helped me a lot in that decision and I thought it was the best decision to make, to study first and then go pro.

How do you feel about joining your new teammates and coaching staff? What is your relationship like with Uri Rosell, who grew up in El Clasico rival Barcelona’s system?

VM: Uri is amazing, when I came here in the summer he helped me in everything, showing me around the city and [introducing me to] the guys. He is an amazing teammate, we watch the games together and he obviously cheers for Barca and I cheer for Madrid so I am happy they won yesterday and he is not (laughs). That is part of the game. I love being part of the same team that he is.

Do you think you will find yourself more comfortable in Sporting’s 4-3-3 system than you have in previous teams?

VM: The 4-3-3 is the best formation, in my opinion, for the way we play because we have good numbers in the middle and we can combine. It’s very easy to find the other guys because they move really well, they’re very smart and very clean with the ball, so I think it’s a great formation and we’ve been doing great and hopefully we’ll keep working hard and we’ll continue the same way.

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